Tempered Glass Xiaomi Redmi 4a / Mi 4a plus Mobilia USB Data Cable & Otg

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Combo – Tempered Glass Data Cable OTG
CYOMI Tempered Glass/Screen Protector for Xiaomi Redmi 4a / Mi 4a 5.0″

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard

1. Smooth and Polished A sophisticated surface treatment makes the Screen Protector both hydrophobic and oleophobic. Repelling oil and other liquids, fingerprints and dust are easily removable with a single wipe. Incredibly thin at 0.33mm, you can add world-class protection without adding bulk.
2.Your First Line of Defense The phone’s display is already very good , ultra durable and amazingly scratch-resistant. For those who want even more, our tempered glass screen protector takes scratch and shock resistance to the next level. Precisely engineered and a breeze to apply, each protector is meticulously cut to perfectly hug the contours of your phone’s display.
3.Premium Materials, Tested Design Using premium glass, each screen protector is heat treated and thoroughly stress tested to ensure the highest levels of rigidity and smoothness. Using a state-of-the-art chemical strengthening process, the Screen Protector is extremely scratch resistant and transparent. The best screen protector is the one you don’t notice.


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